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RANDOM little nothings about ME...

1 Peter 4:10 :: I can play the drums, and juggle,...not at the same time :: Team Alice :: I unintentionally drink with my pinky up...always :: I say 'ish' a lot :: I *love*dogs, :: my beverage of choice,... Milk ::
I have self proclaimed OCD :: My 1 fear is bees :: I can't write without abusing exclamation points!!!...just like that :: I have 4 kids...19, 17, 14, and a almost 7 year old :: Baking is my stress reliever :: I do believe in fairies, . .i do, i do :: I'm married to my Superhero... been in Love with him for 20 years :: I am the oldest of 6 :: My 1 and only addiction,...peanut butter m&m's :: playdough is thy enemy :: I still grieve the cancellation of Friends :: I can say the alphabet backwards in less than 5 seconds :: biggest pet peeve, Movie commentary!!!

Being a parent I understand the importance of capturing life's precious moments. My family means the world to me, and I believe portraits create timeless memories to cherish forever. As a busy mother of 4 children, I Know how quickly the newborn smell, skin and tiny curled toes, change in a blink of an eye. As a Photographer, I want to write a storybook through photography. I want to inspire and to be inspired.